Moments by Heather Edmunds

Custom Professional Photography to meet your needs

With a million other photographers out there, why choose me? 

This is me- Heather Edmunds, the one behind the camera! I absolutely LOVE what I do.. It's very rare to be able to make a living doing something you love. I love meeting new people, scoping out new spots to photograph you and your family, and trying new things with my favorite tool- the camera. I will photograph anything you hire me to, however I love working with people. I photograph families, couples, graduating seniors, models, professional head shots, website material shots, homes, and pets. I also photograph maternity, hospital sessions, and newborn sessions.

If you have an event coming up- I photograph those too! I love weddings, I'm a big mush and love a happy "beginning". I also photograph showers, parties, anything you need me to. 

So enough about what I can do, and more about why you should pick me!

I'm a Christian- I believe in doing the absolute best you can for people, so I do just that. My customer satisfaction is 100%, because I don't accept anything less. I will go above and beyond to make sure you not only have amazing photographs to keepsake, but also I want you to have a fun and stress-free experience. 

I'm a wife- A mushy one at that, however- if you are not the mushy type I'll totally respect that too. I do however love seeing new couples, and older couples rekindling flames during their sessions. Yes, I totally notice the looks you give each other, and I find them adorable.

I'm a mom- I have two adorable little boys, a 1 year old and a 4 year old. So when you tell me "my child is hard to sit still.." I already know. I actually have become quite the pro at getting toddlers and kiddos to smile and in turn getting some pretty awesome shots in the process. Hire me, I'll prove it to you. 

I'm a pet owner- Our furry girl is just as much a member of the family as anyone else, so I am all for including your furry friends in your family photos.

Aside from that, it drives me seeing people smile. Not the corny "say cheese" smile, but the real ones. The ones like a husband looking into his wife's eyes and remembering all the reasons they fell in love, for that moment. The smile of a mother or father when they look at their child and cannot quite imagine how they became so blessed to call that sweet child their own. The smile of a toddler as he/she takes a few steps and is so proud of their newest accomplishment. These smiles along with so many more is what truly drives me and gives me such a strong passion for what I do. I love making you happy.  I am super easy to get along with, and truly put my heart and soul into your session and making it the absolute best session you've ever experienced. Don't believe me? Hire me and give me a shot-- I promise you will not regret it. 

Oh, and in case you needed proof, my fans voted me Lake Norman Best Photographer two years in a row!

I also work with Mary Kay Cosmetics and have a make-up, skin care background... so for any clients of mine, I can help you with any of your pre-session skin concerns! 

This is my sweet family, they mean the absolute world to me.

My silly and crazy husband, who keeps me grounded and reminds me constantly of my worth and keeps me smiling. He is also the absolute best father I could have ever imagined for our children. He loves them unconditionally and prides himself of raising little "gentlemen."

These are my love bugs, when we were told almost 8 years ago we would never have children, they are my reason for faith. These boys complete me, and make me a better person that I could ever imagine to be. 

And this beautiful girl, she is my Layla. The best dog, friend, and girl I could have prayed for. She is the boys best friend, and is by their side no matter what.