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Shades of Love

Shades of Love, Mooresville NC

 Shades of Love, Mooresville NC is a organization that Heather Edmunds, community advocate and professional photographer started in hopes of mending the gap between our African American community and our law enforcement. Shades of Love encompasses all walks of life and believes that regardless of your skin tone- you deserve the same respect as anyone else.  Heather is married to an African American man, and together they have two bi-racial children. Having a huge respect for law enforcement and their local fire and rescue, Heather and her family felt torn when it came to this national issue. Heather wanted to show her friends and community, and hopefully the world that you do not have to pick sides. You can love, appreciate, and respect that our African American community feels a void that desperately needs attention, and support your local law enforcement. You can do this by being proactive, standing up against these issues, asking questions, having real conversations, volunteering, and most of all spreading LOVE. 

After the police involved shootings in June 2016, and in the same week the Dallas police shooting, Heather wanted to speak up and address this issue head on. Violence is not the answer in any means. There are people scared on both sides of this issue, and until society starts to show more love and appreciation for human beings in general these fears will not go away. The stereotype that all police officers are bad, or all African Americans are thugs must stop- have it stop with you. 

Working alongside the Mooresville Police Department and the Mooresville Fire and Rescue, the 2017 goal is to continue to address the issues with racial inequality, continue to shed a positive light on our African American community, embrace how amazing the community in Mooresville, NC is, and hopefully share love with the remainder of the country; particularly in those communities that have a tremendous problem with police brutality. There is hope... keep the faith, and know someone, many people are fighting to make humanity better. In Mooresville Heather is in the process of joining the racial equality division to work along side our NC Senators to help protect ALL citizens, and ensure that at least in the state of NC racial relations will improve. 

Shades of Love is very active throughout the community, below you can see some of the most recent videos of events hosted by Shades of Love LKN. Be sure to follow this page to stay up to date with upcoming events and news related to Shades of Love. 

Shades of LOVE Mission Statement:

Helping to bridge our communities and our country through action, acceptance, understanding, and LOVE. 

How can you help? 

The biggest form of help is opening your mind and heart to others. Make yourself do at least one act of kindness a day to a stranger. Make yourself vulnerable, and try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Be empathetic even if you do not understand. Most importantly show LOVE.. lots of LOVE. 

Want to join the movement?

Click the Facebook link below and join the Facebook Group! This is a safe spot to share stories, experiences, and stay up to date with upcoming events and needs. 

Want to donate? 

Donations are heavily appreciated. Donations are used for expenses accumulated in planning these events, taking time off to meet with public officials to work on these issues,preparing for projects, and hopefully in the future with enough monetary help, Shades of Love as a organization can become a official non-profit! Working with local schools and our community to educate children of color that there is hope, they are loved, and there are people who care. 

If you would like to donate, please do so by clicking the donate button below.