U8 SISA Spring Soccer

Meet the Knights! The Knights are a group of 6-7 year old boys who are passionate about soccer, having fun, and winning games! Coaches Jeff and Josh make sure these guys are always ready for the games by going through drills and skills each week during practices! My son Braeden has played for SISA soccer since he was three, and my youngest plays now. If you are looking for an awesome league for soccer- be sure to check out

Check out the team headshots, and game shots below! Be sure to leave some love for these boys as they finish out their season strong!

2018-2019 HAWKS Basketball

My son Braeden played his second season of Mooresville Recreation Basketball on the HAWKS team under Coach Allie Goode! She is a phenomenal coach who empowers the kids, pushes them, nurtures, and showcases the absolute reasons why kids want to play sports… to have fun, learn, and hopefully win some games!

Meet the team, these guys were amazing this season!

The Janikula Family

It’s holiday time and all the family is in town from all over the country… what better time to have your photos updated. This sweet family is no different. From California, South Carolina, and North Carolina — here everyone is to celebrate Christmas.

Take a look at some of my favorites from their session and be sure to leave some love!

Mason turns one-

OH MY WORD… how stinking precious is this boy. I can’t believe he is one already! I photographed him in moms belly and every three months until now, and boy has it flown by. Check out this handsome little man and be sure to leave some love!

The Bridge Academy Preschool_ Fall Photos

Did you know I offer preschool photography? Well I do! I absolutely love working with all the kiddos and seeing their little faces light up. They learn my face and each year they get ready because they know I love those real smiles <3

Take a look at some of my favorites below. :)

SISA Soccer U8 Boys Team

My son, Braeden has played soccer since he was 3, and I have been blessed to photograph some pretty amazing shots of him and his teams throughout the years. This year SISA didn’t have a photographer to photograph the teams, so our coach asked and I agreed. Check out the amazing 2018 Fall Knights team and wish them luck this coming weekend during their tournaments!

Blake Turns TWO!

Milestone sessions are always SO much fun! Getting to see little ones run around and play during such a fun time in their lives is always rewarding.

Check out Mr. Blake who recently turned two as him and mom play in Downtown Davidson!

Meet Molly- She is a Beauty Revived Kid

This year has been a whirlwind! Being able to have two precious children's' stories published in a national magazine is such an honor. Molly is a perfect example of what it means to be Beauty Revived. Beauty Revived is a national campaign that focuses on capturing the inner beauty of individuals across the country and Molly's story is one to be read. Check out her story and images below! 



“An act of kindness no matter how small is never wasted.”-Aesop

This is the quote that nine-year-old Molly Freeze lives by. Born in August 2009, Molly was born and has wasted no time marking her place in the world. Making sure that everyone in her path knows just how important they are and how much she cares about the world is just one aspect of what makes Molly, Molly.

Born from parents who are madly in love, she is growing up with a full understanding of what love looks like and has become in love with Jesus and loves sharing the true meaning of love and beauty to others. Molly says that beauty is being beautiful on the inside, being kind to others, and helping those in need. She wants to be a social worker when she grows up so that she can build and develop a hospital for the poor just like Mother Theresa did in Calcutta. She has already found an abandoned building that she has envisioned restoring to make her hospital a reality. “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love” is one of her favorite quotes from Mother Theresa.

For a nine-year-old, Molly has already contributed so much to her community through true charity work. She has donated to organizations to help feed the poor and provide for endangered animals. She donated to No Kid Hungry to help provide 2,680 meals for the hungry. She donated to Forced to Flea, Children’s Hope Alliance, and St. Jude’s Hospital for Children just to name a few. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she also has helped Habitat for Humanity and furthering her love for helping provide for those in need. Her philanthropy work in her short time here is greater than most adults and the inspiring part of it all is that she has come up with it all.

When she is not volunteering or fundraising, Molly loves to write. As a young writer, Molly has written many sermons and is working on writing them in other languages so they can be read all over the world and send love and hope to those who need it the most. She wants to make sure that people everywhere understand the true meaning of love and kindness and wants to use her heart and passion to help those that she can. In addition to her sermons, Molly has written several journals, books, and continues to express her love of learning through literacy.

In 2044, Molly plans to run for President. She said what better way to help change the world than to help the country to a place of hope through leading and teaching genuine caring and love for humanity. She is well versed on all the steps she will need to take and is full of energy to make it happen. She and I talked about the United Nations and how she believes the world just needs more love.

Aside from running for President, serving the poor, rescuing endangered animals, building a hospital, and writing to the world with messages of love, she loves to sing. She loves Luke Bryan, reading, playing Tennis, and American Ninja Warrior just to name a few.

Meeting Molly has been such a true pleasure and being able to learn about her passion for others was an incredible blessing. I learned that when she is not reading about Mother Theresa, Molly is a complete scholar when it comes to so many things. She is smart, kind, beautiful on the inside and out, a burst of fresh air, and she has a smile that can light up an entire city.

Children like Molly give hope to a future full of young leaders who are full of hope, kindness, and empathy. She is one of the most determined human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I have no doubt that she will accomplish everything she sets her mind to and more. Having just spent a small amount of time with Molly, she taught me so much about history, and I now have found an even deeper love for Mother Theresa than I once had before. Molly, when you read this, always remember that you are a beautiful gift and that you are a blessing to those around you.

“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.” -Mother Theresa.