U8 SISA Spring Soccer

Meet the Knights! The Knights are a group of 6-7 year old boys who are passionate about soccer, having fun, and winning games! Coaches Jeff and Josh make sure these guys are always ready for the games by going through drills and skills each week during practices! My son Braeden has played for SISA soccer since he was three, and my youngest plays now. If you are looking for an awesome league for soccer- be sure to check out

Check out the team headshots, and game shots below! Be sure to leave some love for these boys as they finish out their season strong!

SISA Soccer U8 Boys Team

My son, Braeden has played soccer since he was 3, and I have been blessed to photograph some pretty amazing shots of him and his teams throughout the years. This year SISA didn’t have a photographer to photograph the teams, so our coach asked and I agreed. Check out the amazing 2018 Fall Knights team and wish them luck this coming weekend during their tournaments!