firefighter family

A little salt and some sand...

This last week my family and I took a much needed family vacation! I worked a couple of jobs in the Myrtle Beach area, and spent the remainder of the week soaking up the sun, laughing with my boys, and just taking it all in. That is what life is all about right? 

How often do we get so carried away with the day to day that we forget to laugh, we forget to take time for cuddles, or kisses? Well, that had become our story. Being a small business owner and married to a professional firefighter/ small small owner himself our lives are always busy. Add in the two little boys, and two dogs... its controlled chaos. ;) 

But, this past week all of that disappeared, I was able to get to see my husband for 7 straight days, wake up beside him, go to sleep beside him, and as a family unit we all had an amazing time. 

Now, we are back, refreshed, and I'm pumped for the end of summer, and rolling into those Fall weddings, and family sessions that I love so much! Since your business directly supports my family, I figured I would share some photos from our vacation. Because of your support- this much needed trip was able to happen. So, thank you for supporting local, thank you for supporting small business, and thank you for supporting me. <3 


The Boesmiller Family (Summer 2018)

The Boesmiller family is such a sweet family to work with. I absolutely LOVE getting to work with them, see the kids grow, and capture their sweet moments. 

Check out some of my favorites from the twins milestone session below. <3 


The Ranson Family (Extended)

One thing I really love is doing the extended, multi-generational sessions for families. When you get photos and those precious moments captured of grandparents with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren... those are moments you'll most definitely hold keepsake forever. 

Take a look at this sweet family and leave some love. These are some of my favorites from their session! 


The Boesmiller Twins (Miracle babies from supermom)

Mark and Jessica contacted me in December to photograph their newborn babies, little did I realize that I would be meeting two precious miracles from a mom who is a living miracle herself. I absolutely fell in love with the babies; a boy and a girl, both calm mannered and very laid back. I learned that just a month prior the families whole world had been turned upside down when Jessica realized she had a very rare form of eye cancer. Mark is a firefighter for Charlotte, and as medical bills are increasing, there was a gofundme account set up to help. There is also a Facebook page Updates on Jessica where you can learn more and follow Jessica's story. 

For now, fall in love with these beautiful babies, and this precious family.