senior portraits

Hope, Senior 2019

Meet Hope!

Hope is a senior graduating this June and I couldn’t me more happy to share her gallery! She was simple, and funny, and we loved having her furbaby included! Take a look at some from her session!

Meet Braeden!

Braeden Edmunds is my six year old son. He has always loved taking photos of me (usually in the most awkward angle haha) and of everything around him. I believe that we photograph the things in life that matter to us and to him that has been his parents, his brother, his dogs, and the fun things outside he likes to do.

He has asked me for a while now to be my helper and due to his age, I’ve held back. However, he had his first session last week and he did amazing. He used my old Nikon D5300 and a 35mm prime lens and went to town! Some of his shots from the session are posted below.

Be sure to leave him some love, and on select sessions- you may just get to meet this amazing kid who is not only good with the camera (much better on others than on me haha), but also funny, and so caring.

Check out more about him on the “about” page.


Braeden’s first session-

Meet Leah (Senior)

Leah is graduating in June and his top of her class. She is bubbly and beautiful inside and out! I absolutely loved getting to meet her and her family on their gorgeous lake property! You’ll see from the photos, it’s like heaven on Earth!

Take a look at some of my favorites from this super fun session!

Meet Bessie (Senior)

Meet Bessie! Becky, Bessie's mom and I have been friends for several years now, and my husband and Becky went to school together. It was such a sweet moment getting to work with Bessie and capture her sweet senior moment on the farm in VA!


Bessie is a senior at Dan River High School and will be a graduate in the Class of 2019. She plans on attending DCC for two years then transfer to Liberty University to become a first grade teacher. In her free she likes to go to  youth group, hang out with her friends, and spend time with family. She plays volleyball during the Fall of the year.

Take a look at some of my favorites, and be sure to leave some love!



Braelyn (2018 Senior)

Meet Braelyn! She is graduating next month and headed off to college for the next chapter of her life! Wishing her much success and love during this new journey!

Check out some of my favorites from her session below! 

Jack Riecken (Senior)

Jack Riecken ... that is a name you'll want to remember. This young man is incredibly smart, skilled, and extremely passionate about the path he has chosen to pursue. After graduating high school, Jack will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach to study Aerospace Engineering, He is pursuing a Master's degree there and then join the USAF for 5 years to gain flight experience. After completing those 5 years, he then will apply to become an Astronaut candidate with NASA. His ultimate goal is to be the first man on Mars! 

Jack's favorite quote: 

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who
watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what
happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes
things happen.” - Jim Lovell, Commander, Apollo 13


Jack's Inspirational Figure: Elon Musk 

"I really like Elon Musk because he is very innovative, and the fact that he pursues new ideas with passion." -Jack Riecken

Be sure to leave some love on this incredible young man who is not only intelligent, but pretty handsome too :)